Every day decisions both large and small are made that shape our built environment. Many of these decisions are made with no public input or worse yet, with no particular knowledge of the subject at hand. A demolition is approved, a variance granted, a policy changed, streetlights chosen—and this is the process that over time creates our city. Where we live, where we work, where we travel are the result of this often mundane process. Only by being attentive to the choices before us can we effect a more livable future for our neighborhoods and cities.

More important than any stance on a particular issue is that people are attentive to the choices before us and how we can build a more livable future for our neighborhoods and cities. Too few of us are engaged in our communities, and this neglect has led to much of what we now dislike about our towns and cities. Because of this, those who choose to become engaged can and will have substantial influence.

Born and raised in North Manchester, Indiana, Alex attended Indiana University and earned both a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s in public affairs. He has also studied at the University of South Australia in Adelaide and the Universita per Stranieri in Perugia, Italy. At Indiana Alex won the Little 500 cycling race made famous by the movie Breaking Away. He and his wife moved to St. Louis in 2004. The proud parents of daughters Lucy and Harriet, and son Oscar, the family lives in University City. He can be found on Twitter and Facebook. Alex The views expressed on this site and related social media by Alex are his alone and do not represent the opinions of his employer or any organization with which he is affiliated.