12 (More) Townhomes to Be Built in Town Center

The first townhome project in the Town Center was completed in 2013. Seven townhomes were constructed at the northwest corner of 234th St SW and 55th Ave W and quickly sold (234th St Townhomes). Just half a block south on 55th, a twelve unit townhome development is currently under construction (Mountlake Townhomes). Now, two of the three residential lots between those two developments will be combined and twelve more townhomes will be built later this year (55th Ave W Townhomes). A preapplication was submitted to the City earlier this month for the 12-unit development. A preapplication generally includes a preliminary site plan and is intended get the developer and the City communicating about the project and on the same page before a significant amount of design work has been done.

There will likely be some changes to the site by the time the design is finished but below you can see the early site plan submitted by the developer.



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