14 Townhomes Planned for Corner of 240th and 55th

A pre-application has been submitted for a 14 townhome project at the corner of 240th St SW and 55th Ave W. 

The application has been submitted by LQH Inc. (Landsverk Quality Homes), who owns several other Town Center properties (23008 58th Ave W and 24113 56th Ave W) and developed the 234th St Townhomes as well as several other projects in the city.

The properties are somewhat unique in the City as this is, as far as I know, the only block in the City with a proper alley. What this does is it allows the entire frontage of the properties on 240th and 55th to be lined with buildings rather than having a driveway cut. The result will likely be something more like the 234th St Townhomes at 234th/55th than some of the other mid-block townhome developments on 55th.

Since this is only a pre-application it should be assumed that plans may certainly change.

Dustin DeKoekkoekComment