19 Steps to Safer Streets

Jay Walljasper has a post up on Better Cities & Towns titled Twelve Steps to cut pedestrian deaths (there are actually 19 in the post). There are all fairly good suggestions to not only cut pedestrian deaths but to make street more pleasant and comfortable for non-motorized users. Below are the 19 steps. Look around town or at plans for upcoming projects and you'll notice that Mountlake Terrace uses many of these.

Click through to the full article to read some of the reasons these steps make our streets safer.

  1. Reduce the number of travel lanes on wide streets
  2. Reduce the width of travel lanes
  3. Reduce the length of crosswalks
  4. Add medians in the middle of busy streets
  5. Make crosswalks more visible
  6. Give pedestrians a head start at traffic lights
  7. Ban right on red turns at busy intersections
  8. Keep the turning radius 90 degrees at intersections
  9. Install traffic circles, roundabouts, speed bumps, speed tables and other traffic calming devices
  10. Convert one-way streets to two-way
  11. Pay close attention to road designs at bus stops
  12. Create pedestrian streets, bridges and underpasses
  13. Separate bike lanes on busy streets with curbs, posts or other physical dividers
  14. Strict enforcement of laws against speeding, failure to yield to pedestrians, drunk driving and reckless driving
  15. Install red light cameras and other of means photo enforcemen
  16. Convert traffic lights to four-way stop signs at less busy intersections
  17. Establish Safe Routes to Schools campaigns
  18. Training programs
  19. Put Pedestrians First

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