Nineteen Townhomes Planned for 55th Ave W and 240th St SW

Proposed Site plan for 19-unit townhome development

Back in October of 2015 a pre-app was submitted for a townhouse development on the corner of 240th St SW and 55th Ave W. The proposal was to construct 14 townhomes on two existing single family lots. Just recently a new pre-app was submitted that revised the plan to now construct 19 townhomes on 3 single family lots.

The application has been submitted by LQH Inc. (Landsverk Quality Homes), who is currently renovating the building on 56th Ave W. They also own property at the corner of 58th and 230th  and developed the 234th St Townhomes as well as several other projects in the city.

Access to the development will be via the alley between 56th Ave W and 55th Ave W. There would be thirty on-site parking spots and thirteen on-street parking spots. Nine of those thirteen would be back-in angle parking along 55th Ave W. Included in the project would be new sidewalks, street trees, and illumination.