6 Principles of Great Streets


1. Manage Congestion. Congestion is a fact of life in successful urban places. By definition, a place that supports a great concentration of economic and social activities within a pedestrian-scaled environment is going to be congested

2. Balance the Uses. Downtown streets must balance the needs of pedestrians, transit, bicycles and cars in creating an attractive and viable urban core. Seen this way, the street system can become an integral framework for downtown. 

3. Streets are Places. A city’s downtown streets should be a vital focus of city life, and serve as a primary destination.

4. Interactive Places. Urban Streets are the stages on which the public life of the community is acted out. No design can be complete without people.

5. Take Pride in Place. Visible caring and upkeep can transform even the most ordinary of streets into wonderful places.

6. Create Public Art. Art in the public environment can help to establish a stronger sense of place and a continuity between the past, present and future.

Excerpt from "How to Build Great Streets" on StrongTowns.com.

Dustin DeKoekkoekComment