Arbor Village/Atlas 236 Developer Purchases Lot on 57th Ave W


A single-family home and property in the Town Center District D was recently sold to the developer associated with Arbor Village and the upcoming Atlas 236 project. The property is on 57th Ave W just behind Vineyard Park, an assisted living facility that was built in 2015. 

Vineyard Park takes up most of the block bounded by 56th/57th and 230th/231st. There are three 0.19 acre parcels on 57th Ave W. Roundlake LLC, the developer who built Vineyard Park, owns the northern and southern of the three parcels. The middle parcel is the one that just sold. Current zoning would allow up to a three-story building

In 2011, the City removed assisted living facilities as an allowed use in the Town Center so the parcels north and south of this property are likely good candidates to be sold to the same developer. This particular developer has had delays getting their Atlas 236 project permitted and has shown frustration with the City process at several public meetings. In recent months, the City has hired a new Community and Economic Development (planning) Director and will be working on improving internal processes. This purchase may indicate that even though their current project has had some permitting challenges, the developer still finds Mountlake Terrace a good location for future projects.

Dustin DeKoekkoekComment