New Restaurant Coming Soon to Arbor Village - Banh Mi Bites Street Food

A new lease has just been signed for a restaurant in the Arbor Village commercial space. The business is called Banh Mi Bites and will be located in unit 600 on 236th St SW.

Arbor Village was the first truly mixed-use building with leasable commercial space in Mountlake Terrace's Town Center. The next step for the business is to file building permits with the City to build out the space.

Menu from the owner:

  • Our two main items that I am confident you will not find in other places and are really street food in Vietnam
    • Banh Mi Bites: sliced banh mi serve with toppings and papaya salad
    • Dessert: Almond Lychee jelly dessert
  • Banh Mi Sandwiches (there are several options to choose from including vegetarian).
  • Mango Rolls (somewhat similar to spring rolls).
  • Sweet & Sour Meatballs Skewer
  • Drinks
    • Milk Tea with ice (can add toppings and fruit flavors)
    • Milk Coffee with ice
    • Mixed soda (can choose different fruit flavors)
    • Smoothie