Calvary Tabernacle Property Delisted

The real estate listing for the Calvary Tabernacle and surrounding properties has been removed. Recent comments by City staff have indicated that there are developers showing interest in the property. The fact that the listing has been removed could indicate that a sale is pending, or it could simply mean the church is rethinking their options. The church property, at the NE corner of 56th and 236th, has been for sale since April 2013. The three properties to the east of the church along 55th Ave W had been listed along with the church property for a total asking price of $2.5 million.

The City Council is currently considering an amendment that would modify the allowable building height of the three properties to the east to be the same as the church property along with similar changes at the two other corners of the intersection. The current maximum allowable height for those three properties is three stories while the church property is five stories.

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