City Hall Advisory Committee to Tour Police Station This Thursday

At this week's City Hall Advisory Committee meeting the committee will be touring the existing police station. One significant decision the committee will have to make, with input from the public, is whether or not police station improvements/expansion will be included in the City Hall project. 

As you might know, an expansion of the police station was included in the past proposals that failed to reach 60% voter approval. Most people who have learned about or toured our existing police station agree that there are serious safety and privacy deficiencies and space constraints. 

The committee's tour of the station is a public meeting and members of the public are welcome to join us. I strongly encourage you to make it if you can as we need your input on whether or not updating the police station with the City Hall project should be a part of our recommendation. 

The tour and meeting will take place at 6:30pm on Thursday, February 23 at the Mountlake Terrace Police Station at 232nd St SW and 58th Ave W.

Dustin DeKoekkoek1 Comment