Council Approves City Hall Advisory Committee Process

Council Approves City Hall Advisory Committee Process

On Monday night the City Council decided to move forward with selecting a City Hall Advisory Committee which will help the community develop a plan for a new City Hall. The August 2016 levy provided funding to pay for City Hall rent for 4 years while the community comes up with a City Hall plan and the project is sent to voters, designed, and constructed.

Below are the committees composition, purpose, duties, responsibilities, and operating principals. Also is a proposed timeline for the project.

You can apply to be on the committee here.


As discussed on September 29, the resolution lays out that the Committee would be comprised of nine voting members who would be residents of Mountlake Terrace, at least 18 years of age, and able to regularly attend evening and/or weekend meetings. The Council expressed that a well-rounded Committee with diverse experience and backgrounds is desired to include some members with familiarity in construction, engineering and finance.


The purpose of the Committee is to assist in the development of options to construct a new City Hall on the vacant property at 232nd Street SW and 58th Avenue W. The intended outcome is that the Committee will advise and make recommendations to the City Council as it relates to the size and costs of this important facility.


The Committee will assist and advise the City Council on the following:

  • Task 1. Work with City to provide input on Architect selection for conceptual design and cost estimating.
  • Task 2. Work with City and Architect to develop and gather community input.
  • Task 3. Evaluate and provide input on current and future services, needs, functions and amenities the City should offer to the community in a new City Hall facility.
  • Task 4. Work with City and Architect to provide input on conceptual designs for developing a new City Hall.
  • Task 5. Provide input on financing options for constructing a new City Hall.
  • Task 6. Develop recommendations to present to City Council relating to the City Hall facility.


  • Regularly attend Committee meetings and contribute constructively to the Committee discussion. Consider and discuss issues from a community wide perspective, as well as that of particular stakeholders.
  • Understand and be able to articulate the City Hall Advisory Committee’s purpose, responsibilities, and work plan.
  • Communicate and coordinate with the Council, City staff and City consultants to (a) Represent the Committee’s perspective on key issues; and (b) Convey information from the Committee back to the community.
  • As necessary, participate in the City Hall Advisory Committee’s community outreach efforts.
  • Review and provide comments on draft reports.
  • Provide feedback to the Committee Chair, City staff and City Consultants on Committee process and progress.

Operating Principles

  • The Committee will operate by consensus. All members’ positions will be respected and considered, and wherever possible the group will work collaboratively to reach consensus on recommendations.
  • The Committee will communicate questions, issues and suggestions to its City staff liaison, who will coordinate actions and responses among staff and the Committee.
  • Committee meetings will start and end on time.
  • Meeting summaries will be prepared following each meeting, summarizing the issues discussed and the decisions reached. A list of members present will be included in the meeting summary.
  • E-mail communications among Committee members shall be conveyed to the City staff liaison, in order to coordinate information sharing among Committee members. No communication intended to reach a consensus on any issue shall be sent via e-mail.
  • The Committee will be “principals only” – no alternates.


It is anticipated that beginning in mid to late January, the Committee will meet at least two times per month for the first six months of 2017. A proposed timeline is listed below:

  • Application deadline November 11, 2016
  • Interview with City Council Late November 2016
  • City Council Selection of Committee Early December 2016
  • Committee’s Introductory Meeting December 2016
  • RFP Issued for Architect December 2016
  • Work with City to provide input on Architect Selection Late January 2017
  • Carry out tasks listed above January – April 2017
  • Provide recommendation to City Council April 2017
  • City Council consideration for August or Late April/Early May
  • November ballot measure
  • Community meetings and education Ongoing
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