Council to Consider Zoning Modification at 236th/56th

From MLTnews: An amendment to the Town Center Subarea Plan “Building Prototypes Map” would change the designations of parcels at the intersection from Subdistricts C, D and E (which allow two- and three-story buildings) to Subdistrict B, Medium Mixed Use (5) District (which allows five-story buildings).

Currently, the four corners at the intersection are designated Medium Mixed Use (5). The proposed amendment would incorporate some abutting parcels currently designed on the Building Prototypes Map as two- and three-story buildings into the Medium Mixed Use (5).

City staff said that the goal is to allow all quadrants of the intersection to have equal development opportunities and to facilitate redevelopment of what the City deems to be a key intersection.

City staff cited as reasons for the amendment:

  • Future development of remaining quadrants will serve as a vibrant, compact and well-designed activity center and a secondary gateway into the City’s downtown.
  • As a result of the newly constructed Arbor Village at the southeast quadrant of the 236th Street SW and 56th Ave. W. intersection, it is important for the City to incentivize the development potential on the other three quadrants of the intersection.
  • The Arbor Village site was an aggregation of parcels equal in building district designation. The other three corners currently contain a mixture of unequal building heights, types and intensities that constrain development opportunities. The current zoning distributions of the three remaining quadrants at the intersection are unequal to the area zoning for Arbor Village.
  • The intersection is viable to transit-oriented development because it is a direct link to the transit center, freeway station and future link light rail.
  • Creating an equally designated building district at the intersection would encourage quality development at the intersection.
  • Complementary development at the intersection could add new opportunities for high quality housing.
  • Additional commercial facilities at all four corners would concentrate business, which is desirable for shoppers and would expand the City’s tax base.
  • The intersection, when fully developed, could attract visitors to the Downtown and could serve as a pivotal development area in the Town Center.

Read more on MLTnews.

I HIGHLY recommend listening to both the June 23 Planning Commission meeting and the July 3 City Council work session where the topic is discussed. If you're going to leave a comment here, I'd recommend listening to those meetings first.


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