December 2015 Development Photos

Renovation of Mallory Building

24113 56th Ave W

Reuse a 6,000 sq. ft. vacant building to meet Town Center standards by adding square footage needed to meet the FAR for a Type 5 (2-story) building. To include angled parking and pedestrian activity area on 56th. Zoned (BC/D, District C). 

Mountlake Senior Living

Construct a 4-story, mixed-use building on a 0.86-acre vacant lot with approximately 96 units of affordable, independent senior housing 55 and older, not state licensed , 2,214 sf. of commercial space.

Atworth Commons

Construct 31 single-family detached homes on a 4.35-acre lot under concurrent preliminary plat and planned unit development applications.

New Sound Transit Lynnwood Link Animation Video

New Sound Transit Lynnwood Link Animation Video

14 Townhomes Planned for Corner of 58th/230th