Espresso Break Property Sold to Neighboring West Plaza


The Espresso Break property on 56th Ave W near 232nd St SW has been sold to the owner of the neighboring West Plaza, which is home to Snohomish Pie Company, Double D Meats , Diamond Know Brewpub and, until recently, Romio's Pizza. The gravel lot next to the Espresso Break coffee stand is a part of the property and the sale.

Maria Ellis, the owner and operator of Espresso Break, says that she plans to continue to own and operate Espresso Break at the site. She also says that the West Plaza owners are amazing people to work with and they enjoy being in Mountlake Terrace.

The sale was recorded on October 4 though the sale price has note been listed yet.

Both the Espresso Break property and West Plaza are a part of the "super block", the area of Town Center that is zoned for up to 7 stories. The block has a number of property owners with parcels in odd shapes and some shared parking lots. On the image below, the Espresso Break property is in red while the West Plaza property is in yellow. The magenta area in between the two properties is owned by Calvary Fellowship Church, who also owns the building that the post office is in as well as the main church building south of West Plaza. The gas station and the building with Mandarin Chile are both separate owners. 

Dustin DeKoekkoekComment