A First Look at Main Street Mountlake Terrace

The City's consultant on the Main Street project, KPG, recently submitted 30% design plans for the project. The project will rebuild 56th Ave W from 236th St SW to 230th, 236th from 56th to I-5, 234th from 56th to 58th, and 232nd from 56th to 58th. Included in the project are 10'+ wide sidewalks, under-grounding of utilities, bike lanes, lighting, new pavement, street trees, and benches and other pedestrian amenities. Some parallel parking will be provided on 236th and 56th and a combination of parallel and back-in angle parking will be provided on 234th and 232nd.

It's very important to keep in mind that these are preliminary plans and much will change during the remainder of the design. As an engineer myself, I am always hesitant to show early versions of design to those not involved in the details of a project because some people tend to jump to conclusions or view the plans as final. These plans are not final.

There will be plenty of time in the near future to dive in to these design a little deeper but so far I really like what I see. This project will be a big step in creating a safer, more walkable neighborhood and a downtown not just in name.

Below are the "urban design" sheets from the 30% design plans for the Main Street project.

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