A First Look at the Proposed Gateway Boulevard

As some of you might know, the City, along with their consultant, is working on preliminary plans for both the Main St. project and the Gateway Boulevard project. Today we get our first look at how Gateway Boulevard might look like. Screenshot_051514_112925_AMAt its south end the street will connect to the existing Gateway Place. Most will be familiar with this street as the way to get to Cinebarre, Mazatlan, and Gene Juarez, among other businesses. Currently this private street ends at the Sterling office tower after it crosses the stream on a bridge.


The proposed street will turn west and then north next to what will eventually be the Sound Transit light rail next to I-5. The street will then cross the creek and connect to 236th St SW near the north end of the Transit Center, right about where the existing steps are.


If you're thinking to yourself "that's a big drop" south from 236th, you're right. The current plans call for the road to be built on up to 30 feet of fill with retaining walls.

The design is currently about 30% complete, which means that many things still may change. Right now it shows 1 travel lanes in each direction, a center turn lane, and bike lanes in both directions. While not quite as wide as the sidewalks in Town Center, sidewalk along Gateway Boulevard will still be nice and wide with street trees, benches, pedestrian lighting and other elements similar to the Town Center design standards. A decorative safety railing will be installed on the back of the sidewalk where there are tall retaining walls.

This portion of Gateway Boulevard is an important link as it will allow for the redevelopment of the old Evergreen Elementary property, which was previously only accessible through the residential neighborhood to the east.

I do have a few outstanding questions to the City regarding these plans and will update this post with more information when I get it. If you want to be notified when the post is updated, fill out your email address here.



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