First Town Center Back-In Angle Parking Being Constructed

The Town Center's first on-street angle parking is currently being constructed in front of the newly renovated "Mallory Building" at 24113 56th Ave W.

A benefit of angle parking is that it can provide twice as many parking space in along the same frontage length. City Code requires on-street angle parking in the Town Center except where deemed impractical by the City Traffic Engineer due to right-of-way improvements, proximity to intersections and/or traffic movement and safety considerations.

Where angle parking results in more site encroachment than would otherwise be necessary under adopted standards for street improvements with parallel parking, the parking is allowed to be counted toward on-site parking requirements. This is a benefit for the city and the public as it creates more public parking available for anyone to use. At times it can also be a benefit to developers as it requires them to use less on-site space for parking.

The property is owned by a local developer, LQH, and will be used as their office as well as house a couple more businesses.

Angle parking under construction at the Mallory Building