First Town Center Transition Zone Project Moving Forward

Last year the City amended the Town Center zoning code to allow "transitional uses" around the perimeter of the Town Center zone. The reason the City gives for this is because it is difficult to make a zoning or building height transition at the street face, you end up with existing single family residences on one side of the street facing potentially larger mixed-use buildings on the other side of the street. Transitional uses are allowed on single family zoned properties facing the Town Center zone and accessed off a street abutting Town Center zone properties. There are about 80 single family lots that potentially meet this criteria.

In addition to a single family home, the allowed transitional uses on these lots are townhomes or surface parking associated with a nearby development in the Town Center zone. Just recently the first townhome development has been applied for on one of these transitional use lots. 

The development is proposed at the southeast corner of 234th and 55th, kitty corner to an existing townhome development.  The proposal includes five townhomes with ten parking space in a partially buried garage. There are also six on-street parking spaces along the project frontage. Four units will have their front door access from the 234th St SW sidewalk and one from the 55th Ave W sidewalk. Along the south side of the property that borders another transitional lot there will be a 6-foot tall concrete security wall and the east side of the lot will have a 15-foot open space tract. 

Dustin DeKoekkoek7 Comments