Five Story Mixed-Use Building Planned for Former Calvary Property at 56th and 236th

A pre-app for a five-story mixed-use building on the former Calvary Tabernacle property was recently submitted. Earlier this year the former church property and three single family lots were sold to the developer of the building across the street, Arbor Village, that was completed in late-2013. 

The project, currency being called Atlas 236, would be a five story building with ground floor retail and four floors of residential spaces. On-site parking spaces would be provided in a parking garage. Two entrances to the parking garage would be accessed from 55th Ave W. The site plan appears to show a large courtyard on the second floor. Because this is just a pre-app the site plan is conceptual in nature and provides limited information as far as number of units, size of retail space, or number of parking spots. The architect is BCRA.

Many residents have shown concern about the lack of retail space in the developer's project across the street, Arbor Village. Completed in late 2013, the project only has one of the six retail spaces filled at this point. A representative from the developer, Afco & Sons, commented on the issue back in January:

"I would suggest everyone look at other cities, such as Redmond, in regards to the commercial spaces being mostly vacant. In Redmond, for example, the first 2 or 3 buildings had very few businesses in them but once a corridor or “new town center” was getting more dense then businesses filled them up. This is one example but consistent with Bothell and other cities as well."

Dustin DeKoekkoek1 Comment