Gateway Project Update

At Monday night's City Council meeting, the developer of the gateway project presented their vision for the project and gave a status update on the timeline. The developer had a great presentation that I encourage you to listen. You can listen to the entire City Council meeting here or I've embedded the audio of just the developer's presentation below as well as some images used.

The presentation is about 30 minutes but if you don't have the time below is a quote near the middle of the presentation that sums up the developers's vision for the project.

You’ll hear me refer to the project as a project. I want to caution you that in our view, as a design team, we have one purpose in mind: build a place not a project

The heartbeat of our development originates from the pulse of the main street or boulevard, which becomes the essential functional and social spine of the village. Pedestrians will enjoy generously wide tree-lined sidewalks, bike riders will be secure in a designated bike lane. The Buildings are modulated at the street level to create a pedestrian oriented scale. At the street, each of the 3 buildings is broken down into smaller looking shop fronts.through the use of different materials, different canopy heights, and differing parapat heights. The overall buildings masses are also modulated with the use of different siding materials, window patterns, and roof heights.

The main street activity menu will offer a variety of retail and commercial amenities serving the community. The village boulevard will be enhanced with street furniture, shade trees, for canopy, textured pavement details and accent lighting to become a social destination as well as a transportation corridor. The community design is one that achieves linkages of the horizontal and vertical physical design features to make one unified sense of place.

Some preliminary sitework is expected to begin as early as the end of this year with the majority of the construction starting next summer.

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