Get Your Mountlake Terrace Oval Sticker

Most of you have probably seen the white oval bumper stickers with some 2 or 3 letters on them. The origins of these stickers are in Europe when they were used to identify what country a vehicle was registered in

In the past couple decades the use of these iconic stickers have been expanded to anything someone might want to include on a bumper sticker but most notably as a way to show some pride in a specific state or city. You may see some around the area for places such as Lake Forest Park (LFP) or the Lake City Way neighborhood in Seattle (LCW). Another popular use is to show the distance in miles that someone has run in a marathon (26.2) or half-marathon (13.1).

Now you have the opportunity to show your Mountlake Terrace pride by displaying the MLT oval sticker. The stickers are approximately 4 inches by 6 inches, 3 mils thick polypropylene, and weather resistant. You can purchase below or by visiting

Mountlake Terrace "MLT" Oval Sticker

Are you from Mountlake Terrace? Did you ever live in Mountlake Terrace? Do you live in Mountlake Terrace now? If so, show your Terrace pride by sporting the oval MLT bumper sticker.

  • 4" x 6" euro style oval sticker.
  • 3 mil (.003") Polypropylene
  • Weather Resistant
  • Free shipping
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