Nearly Half of the City's Population Did Not Live Here in 2005

45.3% of the city's population did not live here in 2005

Make what conclusion you want from this statistic, I find it fascinating. 45% of current Mountlake Terrace residents have moved here since 2005.

Here's another look at the data. City staff put together this video which shows a map of the city with home sales over time. It goes from 1965 to 2013 in 5-year increments. Since 1965 (49 years) there has been approximately, 5,641 home sales in the City. 46%, or 2,596, of these sales have been in the past 9 years since 2006. Go back a little further and you see that 67% of the homes sales have been in the past 14 years since 2000.

I don't know how this compares with similar cities around us but I find it interesting that such a large percentage of our population has not lived here very long (including myself).

How long have you lived here?