January 19 CHAC Meeting Recap


The City Hall Advisory Committee had its second meeting last Thursday night. We are still getting everyone up to speed so city staff gave a presentation of the history of the city hall. The city will be hiring an architect to work with the committee to develop a conceptual plan and cost estimate so the hiring process was discussed. The City issued a Request For Qualifications and thirteen firms submitted that are interested in the project. Consultants hired for public projects like these are selected based on their qualifications, so the committee members were tasked with scoring the thirteen submittals so a shorter list of firms can be interviewed prior to the City making the final selection. 

There were several members of the public in attendance at the meeting that commented. One comment was that we should make sure we "future proof" our plan so that we do not quickly outgrow a new city hall. It was suggested that if building for future growth increases project costs too much, we should consider phasing the project or leave flexibility for future expansion.

 Note that as a CHAC member I am prohibited from expressing opinions about the project online so I will only be providing factual information and not participating in any discussions here. Any feedback you provide will be relayed to the rest of the CHAC and city staff. I understand that attending weekday evening meetings is difficult for most people so if you can't attend in person, commenting here or emailing cityhall2017@ci.mlt.wa.us will make your comments heard. What are your thoughts? After 3 failed attempts at getting a new city hall built what are some of the most important things to consider this time to make sure we are successful?

Dustin DeKoekkoekComment