Last Chance to Help Name the MLT Light Rail Station

Time is running out! You have one last chance to send Sound Transit your suggestions for naming the Lynnwood Link light rail stations, including the station in MLT at 236th St SW. Take this survey and let Sound Transit know the best station name from the narrowed list of the names they have heard so far or add your own suggestion. For more information on the station naming criteria, please see Sound Transit's Station Naming display board (last in the file) from the November 2016 open houses.

Sound Transit received over 650 station name suggestions during its open houses in November 2016.

Sound Transit facility names will be based on the following established criteria:

  • Reflect the nature of the environment: neighborhoods, street names, landmarks and geographic locations.
  • Be brief, easy to read and easy to remember.
  • Avoid commercial references because they may change and prove confusing to the public.
  • Avoid similar names or words in existing facility names.
  • Limited to 30 characters (spaces count).
  • Comply with federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines and requirements.

The Sound Transit Board is expected to adopt station names this spring or summer. 

Dustin DeKoekkoekComment