Main Street Project Hits the Street

The way most public agency construction projects work is that when the design is finished contractors get an opportunity to bid on the project. Typically, the contractor with the lowest responsible bid gets awarded the project. A critical path element of this process is advertising the project, which means that the designs are available for contractors to review and prepare their bids off of. Due to a complicated mix of stakeholders including Sound Transit, Community Transit, WSDOT, the Gateway developer, FHWA and others, is has taken quite some time for the City's Main Street Phase 1 project to advertise for construction. This week it finally happened. 

After a project like this advertises it takes quite a while until construction actually begins. The advertisement period is generally a few weeks. Then when a contractor is selected it can take another 6 or 8 weeks to get the contract executed, review the specific materials the contractor intends to use and for the contractor to mobilize all of his or her equipment. I'm guessing it will likely be late June or early July before construction starts up.