Main Street Project Update: Phase 1 Construction in 2017?

A few people have asked me what's happening with the Main Street project so here's a brief update.  The project will rebuild 56th Ave W from 236th St SW to 230th, 236th from 56th to I-5, 234th from 56th to 58th, and 232nd from 56th to 58th. Included in the project are 10'+ wide sidewalks, under-grounding of utilities, bike lanes, lighting, new pavement, street trees, and benches and other pedestrian amenities.

The design is around 90% complete and the City has decided to split the project up into three phases. Phase 1 would be 236th St SW from I-5 to 56th Ave W. The City has received some construction and right-of-way acquisition funding but not quite enough to complete Phase 1. If the remainder of the construction funding is obtained construction could be in 2017.

One of the nice touches is the decorative scored and sandblasted design the will be in crosswalks and sidewalks at intersections, see below. Also below are the 90% urban design plans for the entire project. 

As development occurs along the Main Street corridor, developers will be required to pay for and build what has been designed.

Intersection of 56th/236th with unique pattern in concrete

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