Mountlake Village renderings show grocery store, public plaza at former Rogers property


Mountlake Village

While questions still remain about the future zoning of the property, the developer of the former Rogers property, Arca, has released renderings of what the development may look like. These renderings appear to be a refinement of the initial concept the developer had in late-2016.

Rather than the conventional single monolithic building form, the project plan for Mountlake Village consists of three distinct building parts: the east building, the central connector, and the west building. While the smaller floor plate of the west building is intended for multiple commercial tenants on the ground floor, the large floor plate of the east building is intended for a prominent grocery store. The articulated building forms are situated on the site to create a large landscaped plaza with water features and point of entry opening to the south and west. The roof level of the central connector is at the first residential floor and provides a landscaped terrace accessible to all tenants of Mountlake Village.

The point of access to the structured parking is located in line with 57th Ave W at 232nd St SW. According to Snohomish County records, the southern potion of what is perceived to be 57th Ave W is actually a part of the former Rogers property. Within the parking structure, parking for the commercial areas of the project are segregated from the parking areas designated for residential units. Surface parking is available around the water features and the unvacated portion of 57th Ave W.

The western building appears to be 14 stories tall while the eastern building appears to be 8 stories tall. 

It's important to note that buildings of this height would not currently be allowed on this property or any where in the Town Center. The community is currently going through a process to revisit the Town Center Plan, primarily through the Economic Vitality and Town Center Task Force. This process may result in revised allowable building heights or more opportunity for flexibility in how building mass is arranged on a site. No formal application for this project has been submitted to the city.