New Development Projects in the Works: Arbor Village 2, Melody Hill Apartments and More

Twice a year the City updates a list and map of development activities happening around our City. They just released the update for the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2015 and there are some new projects that we may be hearing more about soon. It's good to note that many of these project are in the preliminary or pre-application phase which means significant changes will likely still be made and these projects may not happen at all. 

Here are a few of the more notable new projects

Arbor Village II

This project proposes to redevelop about one acre (multiple lots) with a 5-story mixed-use project. Zoned (BC/D, District B).

This project is presumably being proposed by the same developer (AFCO & Sons) that developed Arbor Village. This project would be built on the current site of Calvary Tabernacle (and likely some of the surrounding single family lots) on the northeast corner of 236th and 56th across the street from Arbor Village. The property is currently listed for sale for $2.5 million.

24113 Building

Reuse a 6,000 sq. ft. vacant building to meet Town Center standards by adding square footage needed to meet the FAR for a Type 5 (2-story) building. To include angled parking and pedestrian activity area on 56th. Zoned (BC/D, District C). 

New or significantly updated buildings in the Town Center zone are essentially required to come right up to a 15' wide pedestrian activity area or sidewalk. Bringing buildings like this up to code would be difficult with where the sidewalk currently is because the existing building are typically set back from the property line. The City just recently revised their Town Center development standards to encourage angle parking to straddle the property line in front of buildings. This provides more on-street parking and also pushes the sidewalk back to the existing building face, satisfying the code requirement for buildings to abut the sidewalk.

Melody Hill

This project is located on the old Melody hill school site at 220th/I-5. The proposal is to create 298 dwelling units in five apartment buildings on a 6 acre site. Zoned (GC). The school board approved the sale of the property in February.

View the Development Activities map and list for a full list of projects.