Next City Hall Advisory Committee Meeting Thursday, January 19

Last week we had our first and very productive City Hall Advisory Committee meeting. The members received quite a bit of materials, all of which you can find here. 

A significant portion of the meeting was spent discussing the Open Public Meetings Act as well as specific city codes that restrict what the members of the committee can discuss outside the meetings themselves. The implications of those requirements on this site is that I, as a committee member, won't be able to "discuss" or express opinions here or elsewhere online about the City Hall project, I'll simply be sharing information. 

Just a reminder, every meeting is open to the public and while Public Comment may not be on every agenda, I'm hoping there is opportunity at every meeting for members of the public to speak. If you want to provide comments or have any questions and can't make the meetings, email As always, I'd also be happy to grab a beer or coffee if you'd like to discuss.

Our next meeting is this week Thursday, January 19. The agenda is below.

Thursday, January 19, 2017
6:30 p.m. 

2. Presentation on Project History/Background
3. Committee Q&A
4. Discuss Scoring Process for Architect Submittals of Qualifications (SOQs)
5. Distribute Architect Submittals of Qualifications (SOQs)

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