Promenade Living at Town Square

This project has been around for a few years so this recent action might not mean much. But progress is progress and we finally have a little more detail about what is planned.  

Promenade Living at Town Square will be a 3 story mixed-use building nestled in between the Maple Court Apartments (the building south of Arbor Village) and the mosque on 56th Ave W. It will include 47 residential units with ground floor retail space. The building will have an underground parking garage but one interesting thing about the project is that the garage will be accessed through an easement off 238th, not on 56th Where the building fronts.

The access easement will be on the lot just east of the mosque that currently contains a single family residence.

Location of proposed access easement off 238th

The city's development code strongly encourages garage access to be limited to side streets, not along 56th, if possible. In fact for buildings on corners like Arbor Village, it prohibits garage access from 56th. 

Limiting driveway access on 56th optimizes on-street parking and reducing conflict areas where vehicles are crossing pedestrian routes.

No word yet on the schedule for the project or when construction is expected to take place.