Roger's Market Place For Sale

20131219-205320.jpg Just a week after the neighboring property to the south went on the market, the Roger's Market Place property is now for sale as well. The listing price for the 1.19 acre site is $4 million, or $2.12 million per acre. In comparison, the Calvary Fellowship property is listed for $2.37 million per acre and the Calvary Tabernacle property at 56th/236th is listed for $2.08 million per acre.

The Roger's Market Place property is in the Town Center zone, specifically District B: Medium Mixed-Use (5/6) which would allow new development up to 6 stories tall.

In 2009 there were some preliminary plans to develop the property under the name "Renaissance Center" but that obviously never happened.

While many people would love to see the property redeveloped, most would hate to see us lose the closest thing to a full service grocery store in the neighborhood. It would be great to see the property redeveloped as a mixed-use building with a grocery store on the ground floor (my wife would love it to be a Trader Joe's.)

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