Small Main Street District D Lot Sold

The 0.18 acre property on 56th ave W between 236th St SW and 234th St SW was recently sold for $285,000 or $1.58 million per acre to North Seattle Real Properties LLC. The property currently has a 882 square foot single family residence. The structure was originally built in 1951. 

The parcel is located in the Town Center District D which would allow a one, two, or three story building with commercial uses required on the ground floor.

Many of the properties on this block bounded by 56th, 55th, 236th, and 234th have changed hands in the last few years. Of the 17 properties in the block one is a townhouse development, another townhouse development is planned for two of the lots, six lots are owned by Acacia Terrace LLC (Arbor Village II), two are owned by North Green Brook LLC, one is owned by West Elk Ridge LLC, and one is owned by North Seattle Real Properties LLC. Only 5 lots appear to owned by individuals with no apparent development plans.