Sound Transit artist reveals 236th Station art concept

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On Tuesday night Sound Transit's artist responsible for the 236th St station unveiled his art concept to the MLT Arts Commission.  The concept is early on in its development and subject to change, but it will be focused on what many see as one of our greatest assets: our trees.

Kipp Kobayashi, the artist hired by Sound Transit, drew inspiration from both the tall fir trees themselves but also the many connecting trails and pathways around our city. The art concept is to wrap the station with woodland images from perforations or patterns cut in to the metal plates. Early renderings show tree trunks and system of roots and branches. Kipp says that the roots are a metaphor for connections; connections between people and between communities. 

There are many details to still work our including the exact patterns and colors to be used. I think the design will provide a memorable experience and will be uniquely Mountlake Terrace. I especially appreciate the juxtaposition between the natural/man-made and urban/forest that reflects what the experience might be moving between Veteran's Park and the Town Center/Transit Station. The light rail station will literally be the gateway to our community so the artwork will play an important role in further developing our identity.

The artwork and other station design features will be presented at a public open house in mid-June.

Art design concept


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