Taluswood Apartments For Sale

The 512-unit Taluswood apartments at 236th St SW and Cedar Way has been put on the market. 

According to the web site the Registry the property was last sold in 2015 and may sell for around $100 million. 

"Chicago-based Waterton Associates, a real estate investor and property management company that focuses on multifamily apartments and hospitality properties, is the current owner of the property. Waterton acquired the property from Vancouver, WA-based Holland Partners for $80.5 million, or approximately $157,000 per unit, in September 2015. The cap rate on the transaction was 5.7 percent, according to sources that track this kind of information in the Seattle market.

The three-story Taluswood Apartments, located at 4208 236th Street SW, in Mountlake Terrace, was built in 1986 and contains 512 units. The apartment complex offers a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom units, according to the web site for the property. The one-bedroom units are 644 square feet and rent for between $1,355 and $2,220 and the two-bedroom/one-bath units are 884 square feet, with rents between $1,675 and $2,335. The two-bedroom/two-bath units total 908 square feet and rent for between $1,520 and $2,730, while the largest three-bedroom units total 1,208 square feet and rent for between $1,970 and $3,640."