TIME on Charles Marohn

If you have been a regular reader of nextMLT you've probably seen material from Strong Towns quoted and linked to on a fairly regular basis. Strong Towns is an organization headed by Charles Marohn, a civil engineer and urban planner. Leigh Gallagher at TIME wrote a great piece about Charles Marohn, Strong Towns, and the growing movement to build better cities and towns.

Marohn is one of a growing number of sprawl refugees I encountered during my reporting—people who at one point helped enable the building of modern-day suburbia but now spend their days lobbying against it with the zeal of religious converts. Some, like Marohn, focus on the unsustainability of the financial structure. Others focus on the actual physical design of the suburbs and point to all the ways it’s flawed. Most of them argue for the development of more walkable communities closer to public transportation. But their unifying criticism is that our spread-out development pattern was manufactured, packaged, and sold to Americans as part of an American Dream that fails to deliver on its promises.

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