Town Center District D Parcel Sold to Vineyard Park Developer

There are 4 parcels located in the block bordered by 231st St SW to the south, 230th St SW to the north, 57th Ave W to the west, and 56th Ave W to the east. The largest parcel is Vineyard Park, an assisted living facility that was completed in 2015. Two or the other three parcels have single family homes on them and the third formerly had a single family home. 

The northern of these three parcels was purchased by Round Lake LLC, the developer who built Vineyard Park, just as Vineyard Park construction was getting started. At that time the single family home on that lot was demolished and the property was used for staging during Vineyard Park construction. 

Round Lake LLC now has recently purchased one of the two other single family homes behind Vineyard Park on the same block and the third is currently for sale for $450,000. Because Round Lake LLC owns the two neighboring lots it's difficult to think of a scenario where this middle lot would have any development value to anyone except Round Lake LLC or a future buyer of all three lots. 

At some point after the Vineyard Park  project had already been in the works the City changed the City code to remove assisted living facilities as a permitted use in the Town Center so I don't believe an expansion of Vineyard Park or separate assisted living facility would be allowed. All three of these lots are in the Town Center District D which allows 1, 2, or 3 story buildings.


Dustin DeKoekkoek1 Comment