Town Center Workshop: What you said

On May 15 the City hosted the first public workshop associated with the 2018 update of the Town Center plan. Here are some of the questions that were discussed:

  • What is missing from the Town Center that would improve your quality of life? 
  • What is the biggest issue holding back the development of the Town Center?
  • Sound Transit service is coming to MLT. What are the biggest changes you expect to occur once light rail comes to town? 
  • It's 2035. What does the Town Center look like?
  • Where does the most community activity occur?
  • Where do you see the most growth occurring in the future? Where should the tallest buildings be located?
  • Where do you perceive the heart of Town Center to be today? Where would you envision the heart of Town Center to be in the future?

A summary of the public feedback is in the images below.