Two Neighboring Town Center Properties For Sale

Two neighboring properties at the corner of 58th Ave W and 230th St SW in the Town Center of Mountlake Terrace have recently been listed for sale. Each of the properties currently have a single family house on them and they are both zoned for two or three story townhouses or live/work units. Though listed separately, it appears as if they are being marketed together by Century 21. One of the properties is the SW corner of 58th and 230th and the other is just south on 58th. Several other townhouse projects, either under construction or in the planning phases, have combined two existing single family lots to accommodate a dozen or so townhouses.

The properties are listed for $500,000 and $450,000 which, when combined, come out to about $2.5 million per acre. In comparison, other notable Town Center properties tend to be slightly lower: Roger's Market ($2.1 M/acre), Calvary Fellowship ($2.2M/acre), Calvary Tabernacle ($2.1 M/acre).


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