Under Construction: Vineyard Park

1_MLTALC_CoverRendering_Rev (1) I'll regularly be highlighted some development projects in the city and posting updated photos.

aerialVineyard Park, located on the west side of 56th Ave W between 231st and 230th, is the Town Center's second major mixed-use project. Mixed-use may not be the most appropriate term, though, since the entire building will really have a single use, an assisted living facility. The majority of the building will be 4 stories, while part of the building along 231st St SW will be 3 stories. The majority of the site was formerly Eletri-City.

The facility will have 80 residential units and 29 memory care spaces. The project technically includes about 8,200 square feet of commercial space on the street level, but this space will be used as offices for the facility, a community lounge and dining area, activity space, a gift shop, and other services for residents. The facility will have under-structure parking along 231st, surface parking accessed off 230th, and an outdoor courtyard in the rear of the facility. As part of the project new wider sidewalks will be installed along 56th, 231st, and 230th with street trees, pedestrian and street lighting, benches, and bike racks, similar to those surrounding Arbor Village at 56th/236th.

Below are views of the facility from both 56th Ave W and 231st St St.


View along 231st St SW

The facility is expected to open near the end of 2014.

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