Weekend Reads: March 4

  • Are cars the most socialist form of transportation? http://bit.ly/1LXwP6y 
  • Why cars and cities are a bad match https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/in-theory/wp/2016/03/02/buses-and-trains-thats-what-will-solve-congestion/
  • It’s Time to Redesign the Big Old Red Fire Truck http://bit.ly/1QonREB 
  • Autonomous cars and the end of parking http://bit.ly/1LqrnOt 
  • Want Community? Build Walkability http://bit.ly/1QnlmlV 
  • A Brief History of the Fair Housing Act and its Applications Today http://bit.ly/21wfkH1 
  • The Smart Math of Mixed-Use Development http://buff.ly/1oW7J32 
  • City slickers: Why urban centers are drawing 'population bookends' of millennials, baby boomers http://pocket.co/soTjSD