What's the plan for the Melody Hill school site?

I've posted here several times about the proposed Melody Hill Shop and Apartments project as well as the Lynnwood Link light rail project. Several people have asked what the plans are for the old Melody Hill site since these two projects are showing different uses of the site. 

The Melody Hill site was rezoned in 2010 from residential/public to commercial and the old school buildings were demolished in 2013. Back in December 2014, the Edmonds School District Board unanimously approved the sale of the Melody Hill property for $5 million to Devco, Inc. In July 2015 Devco submitted a proposal for 298 residential units on the property, naming the project Melody Hill Apartments. In February 2016 they submitted another proposal, revising the project to include 464 residential units and 70,000 square feet of commercial space. The project's name was revised to Melody Hill Shops and Apartments. The project has gone through all the proper processes and has now been approved.

While this process has been underway, Sound Transit has been showing the property as a construction staging area for the Lynnwood Link project. Construction of the project is expected to begin in 2018 and be completed in 2023. I asked our City Manager about the status and he said that Sound Transit began condemnation hearings to acquire the property earlier this year in order to obtain the property from the school district for use as staging during Lynnwood Link construction.  Under that process a judge will be involved in setting a price for Sound Transit to purchase the property from the School District, essentially closing the door on any near future development of the property. 

In the past Sound Transit has sold excess property near light rail construction zones following completion of projects.  A future 220th station was studied but ultimately did not score well enough to be included in Lynnwood Link or ST3. The Lynnwood Link design will accommodate a future station.

Dustin DeKoekkoekComment