Why next?

We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us. - Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill once said "We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us." The built environment around us has a huge impact on how each of us live our lives and how we relate to each other. Churchill's statement could be extended to say that our buildings, streets, parks, homes, all of our built environment shapes who we are as individuals and as a community.

Having great places to meet make us more likely to get together with friends and neighbors. A walkable neighborhood, one that's safe to walk in and has destinations to walk to, will get us out of our houses and trigger interactions that otherwise may not occur. Bike lanes and safe sidewalks will make us more likely to walk or ride, improving our health.

While there are certainly many other factors that shape who we are as people and a community, the built environment is something that is within our control. Of course, just saying "I want a coffee shop in my neighborhood where I can meet with friends" won't make it happen, but we can all get behind efforts that are happening to make Mountlake Terrace a better city to live, work, and play in.

nextMLT is about how we can and how we are getting from here to there. The city is changing whether we like it or not, so let's be involved, be informed, and make it what we want it to be.

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